Indian Standard Time

In the summer of 2014, out of a longing for good Indian food in Berlin, emerged the idea of a pop-up restaurant with the goal of sharing the many regional nuances and variety in homecooked Indian food with enthusiasts in Berlin. Thus, Indian Standard Time came to life.


The idea was simple. Home-cooked Indian food paired with locally-sourced German kraft beer. The pop-up dinner series first started off as a small, name-less event devoted to sharing real Indian food with enthusiasts in our circles. Our first dinner was held in our living room, packed with biergarten tables to welcome 12 guests.

There have been 14 dinners since 2014, and somewhere along the way, the dinner series was finally named. “Indian Standard Time” is a cheeky nod to its laidback, DIY style.

Over many test kitchens and ensuing dinner tables, Indian Standard Time evolved from one aiming to serve original Indian dishes, to experimental, to a hybrid created with local produce. The design of the gathering and dining experience was another huge learning along the way.

Indian Standard Time folks


Early last year, I began a project to go back and create posters for all the dinners we've ever hosted. Souvenirs. Menus. Post-posters, if you will. A few rules to design with:

  • They would represent the evening's memories– not as they were planned, but as they turned out.

  • They would serve as souvenirs for that evening's menu and how it was served.

  • The typography, especially the titles, would always be experiments in form.

  • They would be 3 colours or less, to be screenprinted or risoprinted, in the future.



Dinner #1, Souvenir Inspiration
GDR Crockery
Out-of-control menu
Tea biscuits
Goodie bags made of Indian motifs.

Indian Standard Time Eins

Dinner #2, Souvenir Inspiration
Improvised mash-up of dishes
Cracked pani puris
Eclectic event space
Making a loss

IST Dinner 2 Street Food
Indian Standard Time Zwei

Dinner #11, Souvenir Inspiration
No utensils
Served on banana leaves
Tasting menu


More poster updates coming soon.


2014 – Ongoing

Event Design
Recipe Development
Poster Design