Sarmishta Pantham grew up in India, in a family moving between different cities, cultures and tongues every few years. As a child, she had multiple career ideas: to be the founder and principal of a school, a scientist working with test tubes filled with colourful liquids, or the founder of a studio called Misty Studios. She has since changed her mind about the name.

Sarmishta started her creative career in the fashion industry over 15 years ago, as a Womenswear designer in India. She went on to pursue a Masters in Graphic Design in Los Angeles, and soon after meandered into the digital design world in the Silicon Valley. Her work now is an amalgam of exploring creative and analytical thinking, fuelled by a fascination for media both tactile and digital, informed by the idea.

Her influences include handmade craft, the harmonic chaos of the Indian vernacular and her early but long training in the more structured Indian classical music. She is also invested in exploring food as a medium of expression, a cultural and political catalyst and has a growing body of explorations cross-pollinating food, design and culture in her journal Handful



Creative Mornings, Berlin • 2018
Presented "Bring to a Simmer”

Typo Berlin • 2018
Invited to speak as part of Talent Talks.

North Carolina State University, Raleigh • 2010
Invited to speak as part of a panel at the symposium ‘The Rhetoric of Authenticity’


Comfort Zone, a Berlin Cookbook • 2015
Invited to be featured along with 24 other creatives living in Berlin. 

Art Center Design-Based Learning Scholarship, Pasadena, USA • 2013
Design Based Learning Training at the Summer Institute for Teachers.

PRINT Magazine's 20 under 30 • 2011
Named for ‘20 UNDER 30’, selected from 135 ‘invitation-only’ nominations from around the world for PRINT Magazine’s New Visual Artists 2011 Issue.

Vail Jazz Festival • 2011
Named ‘Artist of the Year’ by the Vail Jazz Foundation for 2011.

Open: Output Award recipient • 2010
‘P_NG’ project published in Output 13.

AIGA • 2010
Featured at Emerge-AIGA 2010.

Open: Output • 2010
Featured in the top 100 portfolios, of 1587 portfolios online.

National Institute of Fashion Technology • 2004
Awarded the Best Ramp Appeal Award for the theatre costume collection "The Troupe"