United Street Food

United Street Food, Souk Berlin's first initiative, is a festival market celebrating the food cultures of newcomers while bringing together all the great refugee initiatives, established food vendors, newcomer chefs and the local population under one roof: Markthalle Neun in Kreuzberg.

United Street Food GIF

In late 2015, Souk Berlin reached out to collaborate and asked to volunteer my skills towards giving a visual identity to one of their first major fundraising projects, United Street Food. In a time when most conversations and news centred around negative aspects of the refugee crisis, Souk Berlin sought to forge and nurture community engagement through food. 

I worked closely with the Souk Berlin founders to shape the sentiment behind this endeavour into a visual feast for social media, flyers, posters and other engagement channels. The first market took place in July 2016 to a colourful list of stalls and wonderful live music ringing through the hall of Markthalle Neun.

United Street Food_Festival
United Street Food Poster
United Street Food Detail
United Street Food Detail 2
United Street Food Flyers

Art Direction 
Graphic Design