Our relationship with our material belongings is one to be marvelled at. Family heirloom and decades-old treasures aside, everyday objects– the books, the trinkets, the stickers and magnets, the little bowls, the funny pens and the millions of other things that we build our nests with, are an incredible mashup of the functional and plain emotional. Houseplants is a series of portraits inspired by our relationship with household objects, and the most interesting ones of them all – plants.


Somewhere half-way between pets and things, our green companions are neither things nor really pets anyway– yet, they imbue and amplify our spaces with our very own characteristics.

Outtakes and details from the shoot –

Houseplants Cactus Detail
Houseplants Candle Detail2
Houseplants Candle Detail
Houseplants Candle Burning Detail
Houseplants Candle Burnt Detail