Strategy | User Experience Design

Fymio aims to simplify personal financial management by predicting and enabling users to be better informed of their financial decisions everyday. By smartly identifying spending patterns from their debit or credit card transactions, Fymio guides users in understanding their finances with a monthly forecast and helps accomplish individual budgeting goals.

Initiated by EasyCredit, the project was kicked off with intensive user research across several different income brackets to study and identify our users' earning, spending and saving habits. With a complex logic to detect and analyze fixed spendings and variable spendings, the ultimate challenge was in creating the simplest, most intuitive information and UI design that was possible for such a complex yet personal subject.

Besides its inherent complexity, this project additionally posed a challenge of a special kind– it was entirely run in German. Everything from initial user research to the production specs were documented in German, and even as an experienced designer, this language barrier changed the game for me. Working through such culturally-rooted subject matter and research proved to be a steep learning curve that was challenging at first, but ultimately, immensely rewarding.

This project was realised with the team at Iconmobile.