Blinkist Magazine

Strategy | Experience | Interface


Over the last 4 years of its existence, Blinkist users have come to enjoy Page19– the online magazine of Blinkist, as a means of discovering new reads and learning something new everyday. By mid-2016, although enjoying a very loyal readership, Page19 was in need of evolving to the next level, as had Blinkist. 

Designing Blinkist Magazine, bottom-up was my first challenge at Blinkist. All possibilities of what Blinkist Magazine could be were on the table, and as designer, that meant working with the content team to identify our goals more clearly, develop a mission statement, and produce a content inventory of past and future pieces we envisioned for the Magazine. With our brand attributes as guidelines, I facilitated brainstorming concepts that took into account content vision as well as business needs.

The efforts culminated into the concept of a "Blink of a blog", a source of everyday delight delivered to be consumed in an effortless manner. This led to the conception of a magazine that was based on editions, that would encapsulate concentrated knowledge on fresh topics every fortnight. 

With editions as a design principle, and analysing the content inventory, I created a design system made of modular components that would fit 12 different types of content, and created a visual system and a resulting style guide that aligned with the Blinkist brand while having its own niche.