Experience | Interface

Banbutsu is an internet of things platform to connect everything under the sun. As Lead Designer, I worked on defining and creating product and interface design, breaking down complex capabilities into simple, intuitive experiences for the user.

The design of the platform is currently confidential and therefore, I am unable to share it. However, I was also responsible for the conceptualisation and design of the consumer-facing marketing website that would give a taste of the vision of Banbutsu (examples here). At the start of the company, the website had to be built from ground-up including content creation, interaction design, setting up the visual language to final production, all of which were carried out by me. The website is being launched in phases, with Phase 1 being the basic website to market our product, Phase 2 with a interactive context-based experience for the users to get a glimpse of what the Banbutsu experience would feel like. Identifying the viewer's time and location, Banbutsu will present the user with possible scenarios; allowing them to take a peek into the smart capabilities of Banbutsu.

Design Lead: Strategy, concepts, wireframes, interaction and visual design.
Created in collaboration with Marc Platzek